How It Works.

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Purpose & Procedure

» is specially designed for Sale and Purchase of Group Tickets. You can easily upload ticket group on it.
» Other agents hold the tickets when click on Buy Now button.
» You can view all On Hold tickets and confirm it.
» You can also manage your counter tickets on it because it is complete sale and purchase management system.

1. After successfull login, you see your complete dashboard with all sale / purchase ticket group information.
2. From menu navigation you can upload any group ticket with hotel information.
3. You can add agent commission in detail.

Sale Dashboard

4. On Dashboard, click on Groups / Total Tickets, you can see all your posted group tickets. Here you can also found remaining tickets in each group.
5. You can directly confirm your sold tickets for Counter Sale or Travel Agent to click on Counter Sale button.
6. On Hold Tickets, you can found all ticket detail which other agent want to purchase from you and waiting for your confirmation. You can check the detail of Travel Agent and Confirm you sale to click on Confirm button.
7. If you do not want to sell your tickets to that Travel Agent, you can cancel these tickets from Cancel button.
8. You can see all your sold tickets from Sold Out link.
9. You can see all cancelled tickets from Cancelled link.

Purchase Dashboard

10. You can see all your purchased group ticket from Group / Total Tickets link.
11. You can see all tickets which you want to purchase from On Hold link.
12. You can see all purchased ticket from Purchased link.
13. You can see all tickets which you want to purchase but Agent cancelled it from Cancelled link.

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