How to Register. Read it Carefully.

* Register before 15th Nov, 2019, 100 Dollar Free Bonus will be added in your account. *

Purpose & Procedure

» is specially designed for Sale and Purchase of Group Tickets. You can easily upload ticket group on it.
» Other agents hold the tickets when click on Buy Now button.
» You can view all On Hold tickets and confirm it.
» You can also manage your counter tickets on it because it is complete sale and purchase management system.

1. Provide complete and accurate information for account activation.
2. Your account will be activated in next 24 hours.
3. If you want to activate your account before 24 hours, please contact us via email or call us.
4. There is no registration fee for account activation.
5. There are two type of accounts. (a). Public (b). Private

6. If you want to purchase any ticket or full group, there is no fee or charges.
7. If you want to upload group ticket, you need balance in your account.
8. Minimum deposite is $100. There is no maximum limit.
9. $100 = 100 Pax
10. After deposite any amount, you can upload tickets (4 times) of your available balance. e.g deposite $100 = 100 x 4 = 400 Tickets.
11. No payment will be charged on group upload.
12. $1 will be charged for each ticket when confirmed.
13. $1 will be charged for counter sale.

14. After deposite payment in our bank account, send deposite slip on WhatsApp or email it.
15. Balance will be added in your account as soon as possible after confirmation.
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